Some Democrats keep hoping for Michelle Obama in 2024, another sign of Biden’s vulnerability – Washington Times

Biden books are still bombing – POLITICO

Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19, president negative

Biden gets low marks on economy and major concerns about his age as he looks to Trump rematch, new poll shows

McCarthy Slow Rolls Opening Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Turkish proverb about clowns in palaces – Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.


Donald Trump widens lead in 2024 GOP field after indictments: WSJ poll

Trump expands lead in 2024 GOP field despite mountain legal woes: WSJ poll | The Hill

Trump Issues a Warning to United Auto Workers President on Electric Cars

UAW President: 20% of Big Three Powertrain Workers Stand to Lose Jobs Under Electric Vehicle Transition

The tricky legal question at the center of the Trump mug shot cash grab Theoretically, the millions he is making off that photo may belong to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on email hack before China visit: ‘ I didn’t pull any punches’

Gina Raimondo says she complained to Chinese officials about being hacked – POLITICO
Chinese nationals posing as tourists have accessed US military bases and other sensitive sites: report

FBI tracks over 100 incidents of Chinese nationals posing as tourists to breach US military sites: report

Staten Island officials say they’re concerned about unvaccinated asylum seekers in schools

NYC migrants living in temporary shelters don’t need vaccinations to initially enroll in public school

6 dead, 34 hurt in Labor Day weekend gun violence – Chicago Sun-Times
Shootings in Chicago this weekend: At least 38 shot, 4 fatally, in gun violence across city, police say – ABC7 Chicago

Four people shot and killed across violent Labor Day weekend in Kansas City

Five people gunned down in D.C. in violent start to Labor Day weekend – Washington Times

Teen arrested in drive-by shooting that killed man, 6-year-old girl in Orlando, police say

Survey ranks DC as one of the worst places to live |

DC grocery store removing major name brands from beauty, health aisles to crackdown on theft | Fox News

A D.C. grocery store is removing Tide, Colgate and Advil to deter theft – The Washington Post


North Korea’s Kim, Russia’s Putin to meet as talk of arms deal heats up: report

US consulate staff ordered to ‘shelter in place’ as drug violence rages in Mexican border town

Mexico places slab of Berlin Wall near border as ‘lesson’ while Biden adds to barriers
‘Greg Kelly Reports’ Moves to 9 p.m. Starting Tuesday |
EXCLUSIVE: Trans teacher Kayla Lemieux shows up as a MAN with a scruffy beard for the new school year, ditching the Z-cup breasts, blond wig and tight tops | Daily Mail Online

Why are fast food giants being sued? Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell and Wendy’s face 375% increase in class action lawsuits | MEAWW

New “FBI-validated” Lahaina wildfire missing list has 385 names – CBS News
California Spent More Than $600 Million On Environmental Reviews For High-Speed Rail Line That Isn’t Built Yet | The Daily Caller

Glenn Youngkin’s Biggest Power Grab May Come Well Before 2024 | Vanity Fair

ORLANDO SENTINEL: Tampa schools cut back on Shakespeare, citing new state rules