CLARK COUNTY, WA – January 6, 2021, was made out to be an “insurrection” of Americans trying to take over the United States Capitol and interfere with government processes. Thousands of videos, witness statements, and the most recent Epoch Times documentary, however, show a different story. With proof that the January 6 committee is clearly on a witch hunt to make “MAGA” Americans out to be domestic terrorists, why does it continue with ease?

Of course, legacy media assists in pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people for many reasons, all of which cannot be covered in one article. But the biggest, and perhaps the most disruptive to our Republic, is to distract from the gross fraud that occurred during the 2020 Presidential Election and perhaps to allow it to happen again.

All over the country, groups are looking to find ways to help fix election processes in their respective counties and states. One such group in Clark County, Washington, is called Patriots United, and recently they held a meeting called “Election Integrity and Transparency,” where experts Seth Keshel, Dr. Douglas Frank, and Glen Morgan of We The Governed were present.

Lest they be portrayed as domestic terrorists or “election deniers,” as legacy media would have you believe, the main reason for the meeting, like many around the nation, was to discuss how to prevent future election fraud. We’ve been shown countless examples of how the fraud was carried out now, and we have the ability to learn from it and prevent it in the future.

“We are not interested in changing the past,” said Mike Terry, co-founder of Patriot’s United. “We are interested in preserving the future. No one should be shamed for intellectual curiosity. We just want answers to our questions- isn’t that fair?”

“The only way we can get our country back,” Dr. Frank added, “is by turning our eyes towards heaven. I’ve traveled to 43 states, and all over the place, Christians are coming to life and waking up.”

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Keshel and Dr. Frank have both been traveling to the areas in the nation that are most rife with fraud in their elections. Keshel puts a comical spin on the sad state of our elections by calling it “electile dysfunction.” He presents evidence by way of previous election numbers and a reasonable estimate as to what numbers the next elections would yield.

For example, in Clark County, Washington, based on the Presidential elections in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016, it would be expected that in the 2020 election, Donald Trump would see at best 100,000 votes, while Joe Biden would see numbers in the upper 90,000’s. Instead, Trump received 126,303, while Biden allegedly received 140,324. This is an additional 12.6 point margin in favor of Biden that is completely unexplainable.

Keshel analyzed the numbers even by precinct, and even at the lowest levels, the numbers don’t make sense. This is, of course, made possible by mail-in voting, which allows opposition time to adjust their numbers based on what they’re seeing come in. This is why Keshel posits, that Biden’s numbers were inflated so heavily: Whoever is behind the coordinated elections fraud (which can be left up to interpretation for this article’s purposes) was able to see the numbers coming in for Trump in real-time and adjust the numbers needed for Biden to win before it was time to report the actual results after 8:00 pm on election day.

This is simplified information, of course, and more can be learned by following Keshel on social media on Truth Social and Telegram.

He suggested ways to fix our elections, which include 10 steps:

  1. Clean the voter rolls
  2. Ban electronic elections equipment
  3. Require voter ID, using paper ballots only
  4. Ban mail in voting with exceptions like overseas military, disabled, elderly
  5. Ban early voting with similar exceptions
  6. Smaller precincts, which are huge in some cases
  7. Ban ballot harvesting (completely legal in WA)
  8. Make election day a holiday
  9. New reporting requirements to increase transparency
  10. Heavy prison sentence for all who commit election fraud

Dr. Frank discussed the importance of engaging the local sheriffs to keep fraud out of elections. In Clark County, Brett Simpson, who is running for Clark County auditor against 24-year incumbent Greg Kimsey who refuses to conduct a full forensic audit of the 2020 election, did just that. Unfortunately, the current sheriff, Chuck Atkins, is on his way out and has no intention of making waves before he leaves.

He did, however, give the case to Detective Jason Granneman, who is working on the Sheriff campaign of Democrat-supported John Horch. After conferring with Kimsey, who is also Democrat-supported despite claiming to be a Republican, Granneman found there to be no crime.

“That’s not good enough,” said Sheriff’s candidate Rey Reynolds who was in attendance at the Patriots United event. “A Sheriff works for the people, and so does the auditor. If the people demand an audit, give them an audit. If the people demand a real investigation, conduct one!”

One form of evidence to present to sheriffs, Dr. Frank said, is canvassing. When someone canvasses homes and discovers that there are more registered voters at the address than are living in the home, that information should be compiled and handed over to the Sheriff.

“If you bring real fraud to your Sheriff, that’s actionable. It’s working all over the country,” Dr. Frank said.

Simpson suggested that voters “beat the cheat” by holding their ballots until actual election day. This way, he said, there will be significantly less likelihood that election fraud will be possible.

Recently, we have seen the dangers of ranked choice voting in Alaska. One would think lessons would have been learned, but Washington State, at least, continues to push to switch to the system, causing further concern for future elections. Simpson encouraged voters to vote against ranked-choice voting, saying that it works in Europe, where they have up to nine parties, but will not work fairly in America, where we operate on a mainly two-party system.

During the event, Terry called out legacy media, one of whom was in attendance. Seattle Times came to the event, likely to continue the narrative that anyone who questions anything about the voting process is a conspiracy theorist. “We are trusting you, Seattle Times,” he said. “Truth and transparency are more important than someone’s feelings.”

The Seattle Times has not published an article regarding the event at the time of this writing.

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on September 11, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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