While the 2024 Presidential election is still two years away, tensions are already high with the 2022 midterms right around the corner and the Democrats struggling to contain what little control they still have. Throughout the last two years, the weak leadership in the White House and the constant failures of the Democrats made many voters eye the GOP as Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thrived. In Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz, known for his famous talk show, recently held a campaign rally attended by over 1,000 people. Focusing on many of the issues facing the country and his opponent, Democrat John Fetterman, the doctor sprung into action when he noticed a woman who fainted during his speech. 

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Speaking in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz wasted no time forgetting about talking points or polls when he saw the woman in distress. Moving past the stage and podium, the doctor tended the woman while others called for the nearby medics. After paramedics arrived and took control of the situation, Dr. Oz returned to addressing the crowd. He even told them later, “Rita, God bless her, is doing OK.” 

With the news of Dr. Oz stopping the rally to take care of the woman spreading online, some users took time to target the doctor and suggest the moment was nothing more than a publicity stunt. It should be noted that this isn’t the first time the doctor jumped from a stage to give a person medical attention. Back in August of 2012, he did the same for another woman who became ill at an event. 

As for his ongoing race against John Fetterman, Dr. Oz teamed up with Senator Pat Toomey, calling for his opponent to debate him. Holding a news conference, the doctor criticized Fetterman for not wanting to debate him, although the Democrat’s campaign said he was still recovering from a stroke in May. Still, Dr. Oz declared, “What happens if a U.S. senator in an important state like Pennsylvania is elected, never having answered a legitimate question from a voter, from a newscaster … in a debate stage? What would that mean for future campaigns around the country?”

Senator Toomey explained, “If John Fetterman were elected to the Senate and he’s not able to communicate effectively, if he’s not able to engage with the press, if he’s not able to engage with his colleagues, he would not be able to do the job. It’s just not possible to be an effective senator if you cannot communicate. It’s just the essence of the job.”

Responding to the statement, Fetterman’s campaign stated, “Anyone who’s seen John speak knows that while he’s still recovering, he’s more capable of fighting for PA than Dr. Oz will ever be.” 

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Although John Fetterman currently leads in the polls, John Fredericks, a conservative radio host, noted that Dr. Oz appeals to both Republicans and MAGA supporters. “He has turned the corner. One of the key reasons he’s done that is he has been able to now meld together the entire MAGA movement, which is coming behind him because they don’t want Fetterman.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 11, 2022. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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