The Democrats often praise Joe Biden and his administration for all the obstacles they overcame throughout his short time in the White House. With the halfway mark of his time in the Oval Office approaching, it seems not only the Democrats but all of Washington D.C. are seeing one of Biden’s biggest hurdles up close and personal as both Arizona and Texas bussed thousands of migrants to northern states like D.C. and New York. Although the Biden administration might not talk about it, both Biden and Kamala Harris once moved to fix the Southern border crisis created under their watch. Now, almost two years into Biden’s stay at the White House and the problem still continues. Not only that, but it seems the Biden administration is asking Congress for $5 billion to handle the massive influx. 

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Just looking at the time Joe Biden has been in office, his administration has let nearly 3 million migrants cross the border. And during that time, politicians like Texas Governor Greg Abbott fought to keep the border safe while asking for assistance that never came. With voices in the White House silent on the matter, after the Texas Governor bussed thousands to the doorstep of the Capitol, it appears the Biden administration is requesting $5 billion to house and document the migrants. That is on top of the White House also asking for $11.7 billion to help Ukraine. 

Discussing the recent decision from Governor Greg Abbott, Mario Carrillo, a campaign director for an immigration advocacy group, admitted, “Instead of helping forge immigration solutions that work for Texas and the country, Gov. Abbott’s stunts are costly, ineffective, distracting, and dangerous. They’re meant to create headlines and whip up resentment from the MAGA base rather than create good policy or advance the best interests of Texans, let alone immigrants and asylum seekers.”

According to John Feere, a former homeland security official, he believed the GOP wasn’t doing enough to expose Biden’s failure as the Democrats focus on blaming the Republicans. “The mass influx of illegal immigrants is creating extra costs on state and local levels, and the Democrats are hearing a lot of complaints from Democrat city officials. Democrats have likely calculated that providing increased taxpayer monies to these local politicians is one way to keep them quiet about this administration’s ongoing effort to encourage illegal immigration. He added, “The problem for the GOP is that they haven’t pushed back on the funding of open-border NGOs. The GOP needs to be focusing its energy on increasing resources for federal law enforcement if they wish to see illegal immigration curtailed. But it feels way too often as if the GOP is simply letting the mass immigration crowd get whatever they want.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 11, 2022. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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